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    Zhejiang Jiande Baisha Chemical CO.,LTD. established in 1993, is located in the scenic Xinan River, to fall back on Jinqian railway, close to 320 national highway. Gold in the national tourism landscape - Huangshan, Thousand Island Lake, Xin'anjiang, Fuchunjiang first-line center. Strategic location, convenient traffic. The total assets of the company's existing $ 203 million. Covers an area of ​​33000 square meters, fully equipped, elegant environment.
    Zhejiang Jiande Baisha Chemical CO.,LTD. is a professional manufacturer of textile chemical auxiliaries of the national high-tech enterprise, the company produces a wide range of auxiliary products, covering the leveling agent, fixing agent, softening agent, penetrating agent, scouring agent, detergent, pigment printing adhesives, foam wire agent eight series, a total of more than 100 varieties. Product quality is stable, the technical indicators have reached or exceeded the national and ministerial standards.
    Zhejiang provincial high-tech company established a R & D center, the center is equipped with advanced equipment and introduced a lot of technical talent, strong R & D capabilities, including independent research and development company has five products obtained national patent. Rely on independent R & D strength, and the famous Zhejiang University to establish a partnership with the universities of personnel, equipment, knowledge, technology and other advantages, development, and manufacturing of fine chemicals as the basis for new textile dye transfer agent frontier areas of joint research and development of proprietary high-tech printing and dyeing auxiliary products, has become a good research universities and scientific and technological achievements into practice base base.
    The company will closely focus on market-oriented principle, and always adhere to the research and development, technological innovation and intellectual property core construction of the road, to build scientific management, advanced technology, large-scale, efficient first-class modern enterprise.